The vibrant art of Erin Rogers Pickering
 Erin is a professional illustrator creating a wide range of illustrated images, for corporate and individual commissions. Her professional and creative work reflects a long history of illustrating.

Bright, whimsical, light-hearted illustrations created with a semi-loose black ink line drawing, then painted with fresh and vibrant watercolors. The more vibrant the better! Color is my driving force.

I found watercolor in college, while getting my degree in Fashion Design and Illustration, and was immediately fascinated by its vibrancy, fluidity, and the challenge of a medium that can’t be entirely controlled. It is exciting – often nerve wracking… especially nearing the completion of a piece. So I continue to experiment and learn.

Born and raised in New York City, I now live in NJ just a few miles outside of the city. When I am not creating art, or teaching it, I am hanging out with my husband, our daughter, and friends. 

  • Favorite drink: red wine
  • Favorite food: guacamole
  • Favorite book: Atlas Shrugged
  • Favorite quote: “Dwell in possibility"
  • Favorite sport: running, on the street, never on a treadmill
  • Favorite music: old jazz & blues
  • Weakness: shoes
  • Kryptonite: gluten

My illustrations and custom house portraits have been purchased by collectors worldwide.


Selected clients: Simply Gluten Free Magazine, Matters Magazine, Maplewood Village Alliance, CounterArt, NRN Designs, Izod, Playtex